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Welcome to Scholz Medical Service and Consulting – your experienced partner in the certification and marketing of medical equipment, hospital and laboratory supplies and OTC products in Germany and the EU.
The German healthcare market is a rewarding one for companies – but a complex one too, unfortunately. We can help companies and manufacturers from the USA and non-EU countries to successfully launch their products on the German market. This involves initial consultation and the provision of information about regulations and laws, certification and approval, import processing, storage and distribution, and optimized marketing leading to successful sales. We draw on our years of experience and diverse partners, contacts, and clients in all of the relevant areas.

The manufacturing and importing of medical products and medical equipment is heavily regulated in Germany and the European Union.
Medical products being marketed for the first time have to fulfill certain regulations and disclosure obligations. This applies to manufacturers in Germany as well as ones from the EU and from non-EU states such as the USA. > Unser Licensing and CE-Marking Service

Advice with experience, providing proven solutions from a single source.
As an established service provider and producer in the German medical and healthcare market, Scholz Medical can offer you comprehensive advice as well as solutions and the services that go with them.

The advantage for you is that this gives you one single point of contact on location who will take care of everything relating to your products – from licensing, to CE Marks, to distribution and marketing, all the way to storage, local order management, and complete invoicing including advance payment.

Interested in a consultation without any obligation for one of our single or full services?
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The German Health Market

Billions of Euro Imported in 2013. (Pharmaceutical and Medical Technology Industry)


e.g: Confirmation of Heidelberg University.


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