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About Scholz Medical, Pharma and Healthcare
Consultant and Service Germany.

Scholz GmbH is based in Munich-Neubiberg and was founded in 2008 under the name 'Medicon'. Today it trades as Scholz Labor- und Klinikversorgungs GmbH, a globally active specialist wholesaler of laboratory and hospital supplies in Germany.

Scholz GmbH is a powerful and dependable partner offering an attractive range of products clearly structured into three main areas: Research, Clinical Diagnostics, and Medical Products.

Scholz GmbH has also been manufacturing high-quality sterile disposable instruments under the brand name Scholz Instruments since 2010, and has been supplying numerous well-known hospitals and clinics ever since.

Scholz GmbH is represented directly at major manufacturing and production locations worldwide, and also acts as an exclusive distributor for US-American manufacturers.

This international company's specialized areas include global research and a customized procurement service.

Product procurement from US and other international manufacturers for laboratory and research.
For this we have a branch in the USA incorporating storage with the necessary refrigeration facilities (4 - 8 °C, -20 °C, -80 °C) so that we can combine our US deliveries. We also have the bank accounts needed to pay suppliers immediately. This helps us get the necessary items quickly to our customers in Germany and the EU, and to ensure that shipping costs remain reasonable.

We have been operative in this field for a long time, giving us a large network of manufacturers in the USA and other countries. This enables us to supply and procure almost any international consumables (particularly highly specialized products) for laboratories and research. This of course includes importing as well as any customs handling that may be required.

Direct links to the Scholz product database:
> Research & Laboratory Supplies
> Clinical Diagnostics
> Medical Products
> Procurement Service

Minimize your material procurement expenditure. As an independent order management and logistical partner to hospitals and laboratories, we can help you to minimize your daily expenditure on product research, offer procurement, ordering, invoice auditing, payment processing, and so on.

Research and product procurement from small and/or alternative manufacturers.
Because we work closely with so many hospitals (see reference list at the end of the company profile), we have over the years ended up procuring for these hospitals products/items from manufacturers in Germany and abroad who are not listed as suppliers to the hospitals, either because their products are only needed now and again or because annual turnover is too low (threshold suppliers).

Furthermore, if your current supplier/retailer can no longer supply a product, or if the quality of a product no longer meets your needs/expectations, then we can locate and supply a suitable replacement (custom procurement service).

By doing this we can significantly reduce your research work and usually offer a price advantage by combining deliveries. The considerable network we have in this field ensures we can supply our customers dependably.

Save time and a lot of money on shipping – even for small quantities.
Our order management service saves you a lot of money in shipping and minimum order surcharges – especially if your orders are small – since you are supplied centrally and only once, despite sourcing from numerous suppliers and placing multiple orders.

High-quality surgical standard and specialized instruments made from non-reflective, matt, brushed steel compliant with CE 1254, 93/42/EEC.
Under our brand name of Scholz Instruments we manufacture sterile disposable instruments for operating rooms, outpatient departments, and wards. Our standard product range encompasses around 100 instruments but we can also manufacture customized instruments if required. We also have customized (operating room) sets in our range.

These can be assembled individually by customers, even if the quantities are small. Sets need not only include instruments, they can also have items such as swabs, compressors, and perforated cloths (bandages / modern wound care materials) included in the package.

We currently supply several institutions with our sterile disposable instruments, in certain cases as exclusive suppliers. You are welcome to request detailed information about our instruments, as well as some free samples so that you can find out for yourself just how good the quality is.



Our Board of Management:

Sabine Scholz – Managing Director and Director of Medical Products
> works in the medical division since 1995,
> i.a. medical product consultant, distribution of medical products for medical surgeries and hospitals
> 2008 Foundation and buildup of Medicon
> 2012 Transition of Medicon into today's Scholz GmbH

Peter Boss – Director of Research & Clinical Diagnostics
> works in the pharmaceutical industry since 1998
> 2002/07 Executive Assistant of a medium-sized pharma wholesaler
> including 2005/07 Director of the US-branch office
> 2008 buildup of Medicon ( later Scholz GmbH)


e.g: Confirmation of Heidelberg University.


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