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SAP Product Database

Hospitals can order your products directly from our Open Catalog Interface (OCI).

Order your products directly? Our product database makes it possible to order directly from our SAP System via OCI interface.

Hospital procurement in Germany, which often used to be processing-oriented, has evolved into a professionally integrated buying organization which increasingly utilizes the benefits of central procurement. Budgets are becoming tighter and tighter, which means it is increasingly important to identify and utilize potential savings in material costs. Alongside product standardization, the bundling of materials and procurement optimization are key levers with which to minimize material costs.

Specialized individual suppliers and their products are hard for hospital and laboratory buyers to identify, and also entail a lot of logistical and administrative expense. For this reason they are turning more and more to central, multi-product procurement partners. We have recognized this and responded to it by creating a procurement platform for hospitals and laboratories that enables manufacturers to present and supply their products centrally for the first time.

Online research and order
Our online portal or products in the fields of research and laboratory materials, clinical diagnostics, medical products, and procurement and service has been used for many years by buyers at big German clinics, hospitals, laboratories, and care institutions for direct orders and for finding products and suppliers. We already have more than 400 producers listed from all over the world and are regular suppliers to every large medical and healthcare establishment in Germany.

Order management
We have been enabling our customers to buy products via the SAP OCI interface on our website since 2013. All of the product information can be imported directly into their enterprise resource planning systems, which means they no longer have to spend a lot of time inputting procurement info-sets. This makes it even easier and more convenient for hospitals, clinics, laboratories, and care establishments in Germany to order the medical products stored in our product database.

Ordering your products directly?
We will gladly include your products in our product database. To do this please contact our product management department at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


e.g: Confirmation of Heidelberg University.


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